Using Arts and Crafts to Heal from Addiction

arts crafts heal addiction

Arts and crafts time is something that most of us were exposed to as children. Some of us carried on the tradition to a highly-developed skill while others of us moved away from the practice. Regardless of someone’s skill level with any kind of art or craft, it has been proven in studies that engaging in an art form or a craft is good for mental health. Even rehabilitation centers and mental health professionals use art therapy for addiction and mental disorder treatment. There are many therapeutic benefits to take away from working on arts and crafts. Even if it has been years since you picked up craft material, consider rediscovering it in order to achieve a peaceful frame of mind.

Arts and crafts are beneficial to people for a number of reasons. Developing skill for a craft is unique among activities. It is not academic like school, nor is it productivity oriented like work. It is not athletic like a sport or a spectacle like watching a movie. Instead, it is a perfect balance of work and enjoyment that brings its facilitator to a place of unforced focus. Some people refer to it as a Zen state, as in the execution of the skill brings on a meditative state. Working with the hands is a good way of bringing about this state of focus because working with the hands exercises the right and left brain simultaneously. The activity also gives the person doing it total creative control, which is very good for expressing emotion and conviction.

If you are struggling with any mental hardship, ranging from common stress to clinical depression, consider arts and crafts as a means of treating your condition. There are a wide variety of options in arts and crafts to suit any interest. For those who appreciate sheer aesthetics in something they create, an artistic medium such as painting or drawing is suitable. For those who enjoy accessorizing, jewelry or figurine creation would be very enjoyable. And those who enjoy creating something functional, such as a bench or a shelf, should look into a craft like woodworking or welding. Do not hesitate to discover your favorite art form or craft today!


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