One of the most proficient forms of therapy treatment is art therapy and people have not come to understand and harness its full potential. The process of art therapy is a simple one which has great potentials.

Clients are guided by an instructor who also doubles as a therapist, to take part in any chosen art process for the purpose of expressing themselves.

Now, art therapy helps people to resolve emotional conflicts within themselves. It also assists them to manage their behaviors and control the way they behave.

With art therapy, it is one profound way to improve your social skills and orientation about the realities of life. If anxiety or depression is in place, art therapy helps to bring them to the barest minimum.

Prequel to art therapy, processes like detoxification can occur if the individual is addicted to substances like drugs or alcohol.

If it is behavioral addiction, then the individual would go straight to therapy from the counselor’s desk. Art therapy is an enjoyable ride because it takes the mind of the individual off the arduous process of treatment.

So, art therapy can be used in both the inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation programs. So, it is something you can attend from home, office or the comfort of your location.

The end-result is still the same. Hence, it is safe to say that art therapy forms the core of a tailored rehabilitation pattern.

During the process of art therapy, you are availed the chance of knowing more about yourself. Furthermore, you are aided to know about the root cause of your addiction problem and mental health condition.

Hence, in the future, you will be able to prevent any possibility of encountering either an addiction or mental health problem.

Everyone who passes through the process of art therapy has a certain project to complete. And when it is completed, there is a feeling of satisfaction that comes with it. You will be relieving yourself of stress and also reducing the chances of depression and anxiety.


In the treatment of addiction and mental health problems, one of the profound forms of treatment is arts therapy. It is simply the use of art processes by addicted individuals or those who are found to have certain problems like anxiety, depression and the likes.

There is a false impression that people have about arts therapy and it is, there is a compulsory need for you to have an arts skill so that you will flow properly during the treatment phase. This is not needed, as anyone can take part in arts therapy, skilled or not.

What people need to understand is, the major purpose of art therapy is to visualize or demonstrate their bottled up feelings and emotions without having to speak. So, you can be unskilled in the arts and still take part in art therapy with a view to getting better from addiction and mental health problems.

There are some people who have gone through really difficult times because of their addiction and mental health problems. And one way to help them is by advising them to opt for arts therapy. Art provides a profound way of helping an individual to channel and express his or her thoughts via art.

Grief sometimes, makes someone to go mute because articulation becomes herculean at that point, so you will find people in that position saying things that are unrelated to whatever they are facing.

Generally, taking part in therapy is a bold step and should be encouraged. It shows that you have accepted your problem, and you are open to receiving treatment.

While the benefits derived from this would seem personal, you will be surprised to find out that, your act is encouraging someone to follow suit; do what you have done by coming clean and sober.

In arts therapy, you can decide to paint, draw, sculpture, dance, sing, write or do anything relate to arts. The end result is getting back on your feet with a positive mindset towards the world.



Many rehab facilities often use arts and crafts in their addiction treatment, and it has proved to be a potent one. Most times, people do not really regard arts and crafts as something which they should associate themselves with, and this is due to the fact that they believe it is only for children. However, it should be known that arts and crafts is one of the fundamental ways of ensuring that the heart, mind and spirit are healed.

Also, with relaxation, a sense of purpose, thoughtfulness and expression alongside with creativity, it would give the artist a chance to undergo the healing process which occurs internally during the course of arts creation.

For a recovering addict, the mental stimulation of the creative pathway, is one of the most essential merits which he can gain. A good part of addiction treatment contains cognitive behavioural exercises which aids a person in knowing what caused their addiction in the first instance, and how to properly redirect their thought-process.

Arts and crafts gives an addict the opportunity to express their emotions and feelings in a way which can be regarded as healthy. This is very essential to someone who is in the process of recovery, because it is an emotional combat. Quite a number of people who have issues dealing with addiction, to the point where they would require treatment, can be said to have psychological problems, before they can be declared to be mentally healthy.

The inclusion of arts and crafts helps the addicts by giving them an entire creative expression, whereby they have the luxury of controlling the entire process and the eventual outcome. It is also important that the addict addresses the issue of addiction as if it is an independent entity.

Also, the process of undergoing an entire creative-thought process can be regarded as being productive, and beneficial for mental health and wellness. By engaging in arts and crafts, the addict is able to freely express his thoughts, which transcends into a configuration of healthy communication and thinking.



Boredom periods are moments when you just do not feel like doing anything. All you want to do, is to relax, sleep and eat without undergoing any serious activity. During moments like these, there is a possibility that you have a pending task which is most likely important. Failing to carry out such tasks, could result in having piled up ones in the nearest future.

So, to beat boredom, you can start out by dealing in Arts and Crafts. You would be surprised to discover that you would enjoy every single moment of it.

Below are some arts and crafts which you can do to kill Boredom:

  1. Hama bead building blocks: This is a perfect replacement for building blocks which you might spend quite a lot on. You can select your preferred colour and size, alongside using beads to make bigger blocks, according to your preference.

What you would need basically are, Hama beads, pegboards, ironing sheets, iron, strong glue or hot glue.

  • Ice chalk: This is the kind of activity which is ideal for summer days. This craft is very easy to do. What you just need to do is to fill the ice cube tray with baking soda. After this, put the cornstarch, watercolour paint and water. Then you mix thoroughly, freeze and take them out in the open. When you apply chalk to the cubes with vinegars, colour would surface.
  • Foam paint: This is one activity which children would love to do. This activity tends to highlight their latent artistic skills. To make your three-dimensional paint, you would need just three materials, a glue, shaving cream and food colouring.
  • Colouring wall: This activity also kills boredom as well. What you just need to do is, cover any wall of your choice with a white or plain contact paper, and give your kids the unlimited access of colouring as they like. During this period, you would be able to do other productive activities, while leaving your kids to sort themselves out. You would be doing them a favour by ensuring they do not get bored.
  • Homemade stickers: For those who have great interest in doodling, making homemade stickers is a nice project which would definitely not keep you bored. You can transform those drawings into stickers with the use of contact paper. Once you are done, you can use them to decorate your jotters, notepads and notebooks.
  • Fabric bracelets: You can also save yourself from boredom by doing a little bit of fashion. Fabric bracelets do not take time to craft, as what you simply need to do, is to wrap a strip of fabric, and complete it with a knot.

Beating Addiction with Worthwhile Hobbies

worthwhile hobbies beat addictionAddiction can consume a person’s life and leave them groping in the dark for a way out. Overusing a substance or an activity may seem like a fun idea at first, but it is not long before the monumental side effects take hold. People who have experienced the throws of addiction are left remembering feelings of dread, not the feelings of escape. In fact, the most memorable thing about addiction is recovering from it. Addiction recovery is challenging, but possible, and one means of bouncing back from it is by filling your life with worthwhile activities. Creating a life of purpose for yourself is integral to your addiction recovery.

One excellent means of filling your time when recovering from addiction is exploring the arts. Creativity is a basic human function, and everyone has the ability to express themselves creatively. Not everyone has the same level of talent, and people’s skills lie in different creative areas, but everyone is capable of something creative. Not only does everyone have the ability to execute an art or a craft form, but everyone can benefit from it. Creative activities are essential to a healthy brain. A brain that receives no creative processes in its mental diet is a brain that is not being used to its full capacity. A brain that is allowed to generate a creative process is a brain that is being exercised and pushed to its potential, which is always better for mental health.

Another useful way of filling your spare time with beneficial activities is by engaging in physical recreation. Any type of exercise, whether it is highly energetic or gentle, is excellent for your mental health and for addiction recovery. The reason for this is it has been proven that humans process thoughts, feelings and information better when using both sides of the brain. Exercise stimulates a large part of the brain, while thinking critically about your own mental health stimulates another large part, and occurring simultaneously, these two different brain functions aid each other and help develop one another. In addition, exercise helps restore your body to an optimal level of health, balancing brain chemicals in the process.

Using Arts and Crafts to Heal from Addiction

arts crafts heal addiction

Arts and crafts time is something that most of us were exposed to as children. Some of us carried on the tradition to a highly-developed skill while others of us moved away from the practice. Regardless of someone’s skill level with any kind of art or craft, it has been proven in studies that engaging in an art form or a craft is good for mental health. Even rehabilitation centers and mental health professionals use art therapy for addiction and mental disorder treatment. There are many therapeutic benefits to take away from working on arts and crafts. Even if it has been years since you picked up craft material, consider rediscovering it in order to achieve a peaceful frame of mind.

Arts and crafts are beneficial to people for a number of reasons. Developing skill for a craft is unique among activities. It is not academic like school, nor is it productivity oriented like work. It is not athletic like a sport or a spectacle like watching a movie. Instead, it is a perfect balance of work and enjoyment that brings its facilitator to a place of unforced focus. Some people refer to it as a Zen state, as in the execution of the skill brings on a meditative state. Working with the hands is a good way of bringing about this state of focus because working with the hands exercises the right and left brain simultaneously. The activity also gives the person doing it total creative control, which is very good for expressing emotion and conviction.

If you are struggling with any mental hardship, ranging from common stress to clinical depression, consider arts and crafts as a means of treating your condition. There are a wide variety of options in arts and crafts to suit any interest. For those who appreciate sheer aesthetics in something they create, an artistic medium such as painting or drawing is suitable. For those who enjoy accessorizing, jewelry or figurine creation would be very enjoyable. And those who enjoy creating something functional, such as a bench or a shelf, should look into a craft like woodworking or welding. Do not hesitate to discover your favorite art form or craft today!


Arts and Crafts as Addiction Recovery

arts crafts addiction recovery
Rehabilitation facilities and addiction treatment centers have long made use of arts and crafts therapy as a means of treating addiction. In fact, a number of other mental and medical health professions make use of arts therapy as well because of its numerous benefits. Arts and crafts are sometimes underestimated in their usefulness, being associated with activities for children. The truth is, arts and crafts is one of the most basic and accessible ways of healing the mind, heart and spirit. Through the relaxation, thoughtfulness, expressiveness, purposefulness and creativity that it allows the artist, a healing process takes place internally when art is created.
The mental stimulation the creative process provides is one of its most beneficial assets to a recovering addict. Much of addiction treatment is made up of cognitive behavioral exercises that help a person understand what lead them to addiction in the first place, and how to rethink it. Nothing aids this kind of cognitive behavioral processing like arts and crafts. Their simplicity gives the artist something to concentrate on while still processing other information, helping them arrive at conclusions about themselves and about the nature of addiction.
Arts and crafts also allow a recovering addict to express their feelings and emotions in a healthy way. This is of very high importance to someone recovering from addiction because of what an emotional battle it can be. Most people who struggle with addiction to the extent of needing treatment have psychological issues they need to process before they can be mentally healthy. The artistic process aids this by giving a person in recovery total creative freedom and control of the project’s outcome. It is also beneficial to a recovering addict to have the opportunity to address the addiction as if it were its own entity. This defines it as outside of the recovering addict’s true identity and helps them separate from it.
And lastly, simply having the purpose of creating an art or a craft to look forward to is healing in and of itself. Being productive, striving for excellence and having something to show for your time is excellent for mental health and well-being.

The Benefits of Arts and Crafts

arts crafts benefits

Taking the time to participate in arts and crafts activities is about far more than just having fun. Arts and crafts is meant to be fun and leisurely, but it also offers a number of benefits to your mental health and to other areas of your life. Arts and crafts activities allow a person to practice a skill, use the creative part of their mind, relax, connect with their inner child and have a means of producing something worthwhile that can be gifted, sold or simply admired. Creating arts and crafts has been found to have a number of therapeutic benefits, including lowered blood pressure, memory restoration, creative self-expression, progress made in defeating mental disorders and a healthy emotional outlet.

When a person is merely doing arts and crafts for enjoyment, they have discovered an excellent and productive way of spending their personal time. There is a type of art or craft for everyone, and those who take the time to find theirs are highly rewarded by it. Engaging in arts and crafts is usually begun as a hobby; simply a way of killing time. Often times, people find that they actually possess a talent for the art or craft of their choice. This pushes them to excel at it, and continuously improve their skill. A person can actually make an income by selling the art or craft they produce at places such as farmer’s markets and artisan co-ops. This benefits the artist and those who purchase their work.

Another valid reason for practicing an art or a craft is for mental health reasons. Arts and crafts have enormous mental health benefits, and are regularly practiced in rehabs and mental health treatment facilities. The artistic process is known to have a calming effect on the artist, and to give them a new level of clarity, which is invaluable to someone who is recovering from addiction or mental disorder. By engaging in the creative process of arts and crafts, the artist is able to safely express their emotions, and in so doing, form a pattern of healthy expression and thinking.