Boredom periods are moments when you just do not feel like doing anything. All you want to do, is to relax, sleep and eat without undergoing any serious activity. During moments like these, there is a possibility that you have a pending task which is most likely important. Failing to carry out such tasks, could result in having piled up ones in the nearest future.

So, to beat boredom, you can start out by dealing in Arts and Crafts. You would be surprised to discover that you would enjoy every single moment of it.

Below are some arts and crafts which you can do to kill Boredom:

  1. Hama bead building blocks: This is a perfect replacement for building blocks which you might spend quite a lot on. You can select your preferred colour and size, alongside using beads to make bigger blocks, according to your preference.

What you would need basically are, Hama beads, pegboards, ironing sheets, iron, strong glue or hot glue.

  • Ice chalk: This is the kind of activity which is ideal for summer days. This craft is very easy to do. What you just need to do is to fill the ice cube tray with baking soda. After this, put the cornstarch, watercolour paint and water. Then you mix thoroughly, freeze and take them out in the open. When you apply chalk to the cubes with vinegars, colour would surface.
  • Foam paint: This is one activity which children would love to do. This activity tends to highlight their latent artistic skills. To make your three-dimensional paint, you would need just three materials, a glue, shaving cream and food colouring.
  • Colouring wall: This activity also kills boredom as well. What you just need to do is, cover any wall of your choice with a white or plain contact paper, and give your kids the unlimited access of colouring as they like. During this period, you would be able to do other productive activities, while leaving your kids to sort themselves out. You would be doing them a favour by ensuring they do not get bored.
  • Homemade stickers: For those who have great interest in doodling, making homemade stickers is a nice project which would definitely not keep you bored. You can transform those drawings into stickers with the use of contact paper. Once you are done, you can use them to decorate your jotters, notepads and notebooks.
  • Fabric bracelets: You can also save yourself from boredom by doing a little bit of fashion. Fabric bracelets do not take time to craft, as what you simply need to do, is to wrap a strip of fabric, and complete it with a knot.

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